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The 5 Life Changing Effects of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

#1 Gain Confidence

One of the immediate effects of training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a huge boost in confidence.  BJJ is challenging due to the new skills and techniques involved, as well as the pressure of your partner trying to control your position.  Most importantly the student learns to become comfortable in an uncomfortable situation, learning to deal with the stress of being in a weak position.  Both adults and especially kids will see their self confidence reach new levels!

#2 Sharper Focus and Memory

We all know we can exercise and gain strength and endurance, but did you know exercise improves your brain's performance?  Each of your nerve fibers is coated with a lipid-rich substance called myelin.  In short, myelin speeds up the transmission of nerve pulses, which helps improve performance on a number of tasks.  One direct benefit to exercise is that you increase the volume and thickness of myelin, leading to faster and better memory recollection

#3 Complete Fitness

Each adult class consists of warm up drills, technique drills and then free sparring, where the kids classes include some games as well.  Each class is full of fun but challenging activities that work the whole body!  You'll gain core strength, improve your cardio and enjoy an increase in flexibility.  The best part is no two classes are ever the same, so it stays exciting and never becomes stale.


#4 Join Our Family

We take great pride in having an excellent group of students, people that are helpful and respectful of others.  Many of our students had never found a physical activity they loved until they started BJJ.  Routinely we see quiet, reserved students come out of their shells when they are engaging with others who have the same passion.  We provide an atmosphere that promotes success, where we encourage and support one another in our journey.  We have no tolerance for bullies or for students who are always trying to 'one up' another. 

#5 Have a Blast!

Many workouts become too much like a routine and are difficult to interact with other people when training.  With BJJ, you routinely work with a partner, whether it's drilling or sparring, and each workout will consist of different techniques.  We provide a laid back atmosphere but most importantly we provide a fun environment for the students.  In the classes the students will work hard, but they'll always be laughing and enjoying the process!

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